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Materials + Coverings

We sell a large variety of different materials and coverings to help protect your plants from pests, weather, and sun.  Whether growing in a greenhouse or outdoors, we have all the coverings needed for any growing application.  Our product range includes windbreak nets, shade cloths, ground covering and fixing materials, webbings, tapes and twines, as well as a variety of horticultural protections like bird and bug nettings.  

Windbreak SK Per Meter


Windbreak SK is a cost effective, short term (3-5 years) windbreak, used to establish young trees on farm properties, boundary fences, residential home and other applications. It is used extensively in the avocado industry. Manufactured using UV...

Windbreak Ultra-pro LT per meter


Windbreak LT is a light weight knitted windbreak available in green and is also used for establishing young trees and for  property boundary fencing. Manufactured from HDPE Mono filament yarn , it has a life span of approx 5 to 7 years. Manufactured...

Windbreak Ultra-pro Eco-Net per meter


Windbreak Eco (Economy) is the cousin of Windbreak Kiwi and is used mainly in the Kiwifruit industry to enhance cane growth, increase production and to make the orchard warmer. Manufactured from UV stabilized mono filament yarn and weighs in at 125gm2,...

Windbreak Ultra-pro XS per meter


Windbreak Ultra-Pro XS is the premier knitted Windbreak used in the Horticultural and Agricultural Industry. There are no areas around that this windbreak cannot be used. From boundary fencing, internal windbreaks to industrial sites this is the number...

Ultra-pro Hail Net per meter


Hailnet is a lightweight solution for overhead canopies. Hailnet is designed for overhead hail, wind & bird protection and will also offer light shading of around 15-20%.  Hailnet comes with reinforced centres & edges and button hole eyelets...

Jute Tree Tie Webbing - 50mm x 33m


Jute Tree Tie Webbing - 50mm x 33m • 50mm x 33m• Beige - Natural jute• Lifespan - 6-12 months depending on application & climate   Jute webbing is a natural woven tree tie which is soft on trees and can be used to help prevent...

Film / Textile Retaining Wire


Our Polyclip system is a quick and easy retaining system specifically designed to secure greenhouse film and other horticultural cloths and plastics, such as shade cloth, wind break, front cloth,etc. It can be directly fixed to wood/steel/aluminium...