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Greenhouse Shelving and Storage Solutions

The easiest way to maximise growing area and space is by utilizing shelving. There are plenty of options available including hanging shelving, potting benches, staging etc… You could build your own or you can use an old workbench - whatever you decide to use just keep in mind the material you use needs to be able to survive in the greenhouse environment.

3-Tier Shelving is the ultimate greenhouse shelving solution. It has tiered shelving the full length of the greenhouse and each level juts out further than the shelf above so it maximizes the light on your plants. This option is perfect for seedlings and plant propagation as it offers the greatest shelving area. 

Single-Tier Shelving is any one size of our 3-tier shelving option.  This might be a good solution if you want to say, have a 150mm shelf for tools and such but then put in a hydroponics system on the rest of the wall.  You can just get one shelf, then buy additional shelving brackets to support your hydroponics system. 

Free Standing Shelving is great as it can be placed anywhere in the greenhouse and are generally able to hold heavy pots and bags. Whatever you use ensure it has the ability for air to flow through the shelving reducing the risk of mold and fungi.

Hanging Brackets are designed to lock on to anywhere in the greenhouse for you to then create string lines, ideal for growing things like beans, peas, tomatoes etc.

Shelving Brackets are great as they allow you to create long shelving (as long as you like) which is ideal for hydroponics.

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