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If you are considering buying a Greenhouse it pays to do your research and ask the right questions. Such as...

Where is the Greenhouse made? Is it manufactured locally or imported? Locally made Greenhouses are often better suited to local conditions (i.e. wind, sun, hail, snow, rain, earthquakes etc.), while imported Greenhouses are generally mass-produced with little consideration for local conditions. Imported Greenhouses also tend to be made at very low cost from low-quality materials to provide a good profit margin for the vendor and may fail significantly sooner than a higher quality, locally produced Greenhouse.

What sort of guarantee does the Greenhouse have?  When you buy a Greenhouse, you want peace of mind that it will last for many years, and that you can have it easily replaced if it does not. Ask about the details of any guarantees offered, ensuring that the glazing is also covered by the guarantee. Find out how long the company has been in business and consider the likelihood of them staying in business for after sales support and fulfilment of any guarantees.

What size Greenhouse will suit me?  The best way to choose the right sized Greenhouse is to step inside a few. Even if you whip out the tape measure, attempting to visualise the size of a Greenhouse from a list of dimensions is no substitute for seeing it in person - walking inside a few different sizes will help you to easily establish the right size for its contents.

Spend some time planning a rough layout of your Greenhouse – consider shelving and storage needs, as well as fully grown plant dimensions. In addition to width and length, consider the height of your greenhouse at both the peak and the eaves to ensure you can accommodate your chosen plants. Experience a Winter Gardenz display near you.

What glazing will best suit my conditions? There are three main glazing options available for your Greenhouse, each with their own advantages and disadvantages: Glass, polycarbonate, and polyethylene.

Glass looks great and lasts the longest, though it is not as well suited to colder, frost-prone regions as polycarbonate.

Premium-grade Polycarbonate will last 16-20+ years and provides superior growing results, thermal efficiency and frost protection, though it comes with a premium-grade price.

Polyethylene, a flexible plastic film, offers a lower cost option per square meter, though it will need replacing after approximately 3-5 years.

Whichever option you choose, a high-quality product from a reputable manufacturer will last longer and perform better than cheap, non-branded glazing products.

Do they specialise in Greenhouses?  It is always better to buy from a company specialised in Greenhouses over a general importer or merchant trader. A specialist company will have a deeper knowledge base, and they will offer more reliable assistance in choosing the right Greenhouse for you, and with after sales support.

Does the Greenhouse come with good assembly instructions?  Ask to see the instructions yourself – they should be written in plain English with a clear step-by-step process. You should be able to construct your Greenhouse without any specialised skills, tools, or equipment.

If the instructions are unclear, or you would rather not assemble the Greenhouse yourself, ask if they provide an installation service in your area.

Replacement parts, accessories and local support…are they available?  If you require replacement parts, or something does not fit as it should, will the company be able to assist? Are additional accessories such as vents, shade-covers and shelving available, and can they be fitted to your Greenhouse after it has been fully assembled and used?

Our best top tips...
1. Don’t buy anything you haven’t seen standing
2. Be cautious – if the price seems too good to be true, it probably is.
3. Talk to people you know who own Greenhouses.
4. Take time and plan the size you require.
5. Compare, research and be cautious if it’s cheap!

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