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LED Flowering Lamp

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Based on input from growers around the world, our Philips GreenPower LED flowering lamp allows you to grow better crops and save energy. Our proven technology is highly robust and cuts your energy usage by up to 90% versus conventional lamps. Two versions are available with dedicated light recipes to boost your crop results by preventing budding, promoting elongation or expediting flowering.

The GreenPower LED flowering                               
lamp is the effective for cultivating:                      Key Benefits:

 • Cut flowers
 • Annuals/perennials
 • Mother stock
 • Strawberries
     • Energy savings of up to
        90% compared to
        conventional lamps
     • Dedicated recipes to
        optimize photoperiodic

 • Large surface area
    coverage due to high light
    output and optimal
 • Safe and robust design,
    using no glass materials


The Philips GreenPower LED flowering lamp is available in two different spectral versions: one offers a combination of deep red and white (DR/W) and the other offers a combination of deep red, white and far red (DR/W/FR). Short-day and long-day plants, as their names indicate, flower most rapidly under short or long days, respectively. During naturally short days, nighttime lighting can delay flowering of short-day plants to stimulate vegetative growth, or promote flowering of long-day plants. The DR/W version inhibits flowering of short-day plants prevents budding of mother stock of chrysanthemums, dahlias, poinsettias and others. The DR/W/FR version is ideal for photoperiodic lighting of summer flowers, like gypsophila, aster, hypericum, solidago, as well as potted plants, annuals and perennials. It can extend the day or interrupt the night cycle to promote elongation of the stems of strawberries and stimulate flowering.

Promote flowering
Philips dedicated light spectra for the GreenPower LED flowering lamp are optimized for photoperiodic lighting. They promote flowering of long-day plants, which results in higher and healthier yields.

Prevent budding
Our flowering lamp helps you effectively prevent flowering for mother stock. With the right recipe you can stimulate vegetative growth and combat flowering in the cuttings.

Promote elongation of strawberry stems
You can use the flowering lamp to improve stem elongation and thereby achieve earlier and higher yields of strawberry crops.

Economic and robust installation
This is a safe and robust solution for photoperiodic lighting.The lamp can withstand up to 35,000 switching cycles (as designed for a usability profile to achieve 8 switches per day for 12 years). It is highly efficient with a power factor of
> 0.9, which is crucial when working with generators. The lamp is also well protected against voltage fluctuations
(120-240 VAC +/- 10%) due to its unique electrical design.Thanks to its robust design and excellent optical performance, the GreenPower LED flowering lamp will allow you to make the most economical and reliable lighting installation for your cultivation facility in any location – even outdoors – when you choose the appropriate luminaire.


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