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Feedback and Testimonials

Welcome to the Winter Gardenz feedback and testimonials page. Please feel free to email us with any comments, testimonials, feedback, ideas, including photos, hints and tips for other gardeners. We enjoy sharing your growing stories!


Sometimes customers come up with some really creative uses for our greenhouses!  Jane H. installed this greenhouse for a Matariki Festival on the Kapiti coast, using her own coloured solid polycarbonate.  We are impressed with the result!  *note this greenhouse is not anchored down, which is not recommended but was done this way for short-term exhibit purposes.

I love my greenhouse.Excellent kitset.Good instructions and easy to put up. Highly recommended.  -Bill D


Daniel B bought a polycarbonate 8x6ft greenhouse and has installed it in his backyard, pictured to the left.

Last year I  purchased a  6' x 10' kitset glasshouse from Winter Gardenz . It has been a fabulous addition to my property with a professional look,utilitarian purpose as well as asthetically  pleasing to the eye. I would recommend Winter  Gardenz  to anyone wanting a kitset glasshouse.  They were a helpful and courteous business to deal with.   -Ruth B.


A big thanks from @lavenderhillnz we were really impressed with the quality of the greenhouse and the final product. Lots of lavender cuttings in it already + salad and herb garden. Definitely recommend the shelving and shade cloth as an accessories. Also good for enjoying a gin!  -Jason, of Lavender Hill NZ


I have the 8 by 10 in my garden and it has such a wow factor to it! Beautiful and well manufactured. We sit in there when it gets a bit windy and it is just amazing to be outside but protected from the elements, Highly recommended.  -Sam T.

Hi Christina.

Just to let you know how happy we are with our new glass house. All went well with the assembly
I made up a wooden beam jig assy to slide the fence side roof glass in from the top which worked out well.Already we have tomatoes nearly ripe in such a short time they have been planted. Very pleased with the sturdiness & how well made the whole structure is.other tradie  mates that have seen it are really impressed too I'll send a couple of pics.
Thanks so much we really appreciate the trouble you went to to get this to us under the trying conditions you went through! We recomend this glass house & your service to everyone ! Many thanks - Trevor & Jenny R

After searching the web during lockdown I settled on a Winter Gardenz greenhouse for our sunny site in Omaha so that we can have fresh greens and tomatoes year round.


After emailing for more information, I purchased a 6 x 8 Poly unit.  These days we buy a lot online, sight unseen, and rarely is the delivery and final product and service result better than expected.  This is one of these rare situations. 


The Greenhouse arrived as described after receiving updates from the people at Winter Gardenz.  The components are a level of quality that far exceeded my expectation.  The assembly manual is written in perfect easy to understand English and detailed enough for any man to follow. I didn’t need to consult my wife once during assembly. 


The parts were supplied as per the manual and fitted perfectly.   Again on the quality, all nuts and bolts are stainless,  all components alloy (other than plastic end caps and rubber beading).  I purchased two extra roof vents and auto openers.  Awesome devices opening and closing perfectly automatically by temperature alone.


Well done to the team at Winder Gardenz.  I don’t normally write reviews – this is a very good product matched by great personal service.  -Andrew S.

"As some feedback – it was an absolute pleasure in assembling this 8x8 glasshouse kit.    Everything was well designed and thought through,  and the instructions were simple to follow (which isn’t often the case).     The attention to detail and the quality of all the items is outstanding –beautifully detailed and built to last.   A great product – thanks!  Gel Architects will definitely be using your products again in the future."  -Graeme W.


"Hi Christina,   I have had my lovely glasshouse installed and I LOVE IT!!! Was worried about the look of it and its stunning!!!"                                                                                                              -Anna H.


"This review is my own work and is entirely unsolicited.  The Chinese alternative is cheaper but only has a two year guarantee. Compared to the long guarantee offered by Wintergardenz it was an easy choice. Plus I was able to go and see one at a local garden centre. It had been up for years but was still in excellent condition. I then priced up building my own one with a timber frame. However, even with a single wall, as opposed to the twin wall of Wintergardenz, I couldn't match the price. So, in the end, the decision was easy.
First of all a criticism. Normally manufacturers and suppliers go overboard in extolling the benefits of their products - not Wintergardenz. If anything they downplay how good it is. An example. For many years I have made things from kits, starting with Meccano as a schoolboy to many IKEA products and others over the years. Where Wintergardenz differs is in the simplicity of the design and construction. Almost all of the nuts and bolts are the same size. So you are not hunting for lots of varying pieces. The bolt is a clever T shape design that allows you to connect parts without there being the need for holes in the supporting structure. These bolts can be put just about anywhere giving a flexibility not possible with most other products. It makes the construction process much more straightforward. I had hesitated about whether to purchase the brackets to attach to the ceiling assuming that I would have to drill holes, which would weaken the structure. No problem - no drilling. The same T bolts work for this as well.
The structure is well made, and, as long as you don't try and rush, is very straight forward. Here's another plus. The instructions are brilliant. Clearly written and illustrated they are not difficult to follow. I managed to ignore the specific instructions on putting the indoor gutter the correct way up which I only realised when I tried to attach the actual gutter which would not go in because of my error. Even then, even though it is an integral part of the building I was able to remove them both and put them the correct way up without dismantling the whole structure.
This is my first ever greenhouse, and unless we move, I imagine will be my last. (if we move it will be a selling feature)."
-Regards,  John R (Tauranga) 



"The glass house really is a retreat for me and an opportunity to play and experiment with plants,  this year I decided to experiment with growing Frangipani and had more fragrant flowers for longer than I could have dreamed of! The other benefit of my glass house has been to produce my own hybrid plants given that the environment can be controlled by me to avoid accidental pollination.The choice for a Winter Gardenz glass house came from looking at was available in the market along with factual knowledge and information about a New Zealand owned and local manufacturing company, this appealed to me. I also liked the fact that due my site location and limitations I was able to request a custom version and in the colour that I wanted;  the design aesthetic, finish and quality ticks all the boxes for me along with the knowledge that  Winter Gardenz have my back in warranty and after sales care."
- Tony Murrell, Landscape Designer


I bought my greenhouse from Portstone here in Christchurch after a good study of the alternative offerings (including physical inspections) and confirm your product as far superior. The components and labeling are excellent and I have found the instructions great I expect the greenhouse to be a fine asset on completion.
​-Ken Jenkins


Hi guys!   Just wanted to say I am so happy with my new greenhouse.  When I saw your display at Fieldays this year I fell in love with your display model, little did I know my partner had planned on buying me one, so was a huge surprise!  
The quality and craftsmanship of each component is outstanding, my partner said it was a breeze to put together and the instructions were so simple to follow.  He had built a flatpack garden shed for me the weekend before and it was very challenging, he would rather build 10 of your greenhouses than another garden shed lol.
My greenhouse is my haven, I check on my plants at least twice a day, before work and after work, usually with a wine in my hand (I have installed my own wine glass holder in there)   I have also put in solar lights and my partner installed battery operated LED lights for me, so I can garden any time! Thank you again for such an awesome product, I totally recommend your products, your company and your customer service.
Cheers, -Sandra Brougham


Hi. What a fantastic Greenhouse you supplied us. We requested a Twinwall Polycarbonate roof on our Shade house section instead of the aluminium shade panels. This has been absolutely brilliant and enables us to grow plants that don’t like being wet all year round and when we have flowers they don’t get ruined by rain. Here a a few photos
Cheers,  -Dave


Hi, Thank you for your words of wisdom. Your suggestions are very handy and will be followed as I trial the transition period for my seedlings. I am thoroughly enjoying the new experience. The down pipe kit arrived thank you so much. Not attached as yet but will get around to it in the short term hopefully. Have only installed one opener at this stage and it is working perfectly. All in all my choice having spoken to you at the Field Days was a very sound one. I hope that sales continue to bloom for you all as you have the product and follow that up with great personal interest. I thank you sincerely for taking a sincere interest in me. Very kind regards
-Gordon Taylor


"A few pics of our greenhouse for you. We are very pleased with how the whole project has gone; thanks for good instructions and an amazing greenhouse. Lots of great engineering!"  -Warren S (Wanaka)


"Top Quality Product! Just bought one (6x10) in Tasmania. Excellent quality product. Well packed and all parts present. Excellent instructions (would have been quicker to build if I had followed them more carefully)!!! Will be recommending this to others."  -CraigW (Tasmania)


Hi John Many thanks for help in getting started assembling my new green house. Once I got started i found the instructions supplied to be easy and logical to follow. The assembly from the back of the ute to finished was 2 days, but being a bear of little brain i was a little slow of the mark so many thanks for your help getting started. To say i'm pleased with the finished product is a bit of an understatement! Thanks again for a great product and your help"  -John (South Island)


Great greenhouses guys, bought one last year and have enjoyed fresh clean cauliflower, broccoli, and cabbage through the winter. Awesome for Invercargill, Southland.  -Lindsay W (Invercargill)


“Thanks for the brilliant Greenhouses! Not the easiest area to construct in but they went together like a dream”  -Stephen F (Greenhithe)


“I just want to congratulate you on the wonderful greenhouses you manufacture. They are quite ingenious the way they go together and as you can see from the photo has withstood the heaviest snow in living memory. I am stunned at just how warm it has remained inside during this extended spell of extremely cold and foul weather. I had been looking for the right greenhouse for quite some time, and was most impressed with a demo one I saw in a local garden centre. I am even more impressed after assembling mine and seeing it in action. Thank you and keep up the wonderful work”  -Graeme P (Christchurch)


I was a little concerned about the weight of snow on my greenhouse, but it has had no problem at all. Looking forward to getting some seedlings going soon.” -Jim H (Christchurch)

“Dear Michelle, Here for you is a pic of the new addition to out garden, we are both very pleased with the finished article and we are looking forward to having hours of fun in it and eating the produce. Great design best we have seen.” -Bob K (Mosgiel)


Here are a few photos of the greenhouse  - almost ready to load up with plants... Sorry, hard to get full size photos of the greenhouse as it is tightly fitted into the space previously occupied by the old polyhouse. A tip for others when fitting the rubber beading - spray the area to be fitted with warm water with some detergent added and use the blunt end of an old tooth brush to push the rubber home. Thanks again for the great backup with advice and extra parts as required - I am stoked with the result!” -Graeme B (Nelson)


You guys are amazing! I was on the motorway home when I got the call that the delivery of one green house was about to be done – we are thrilled and very impressed with your service and just wanted to thank you so very much for this incredible promptness!... We are thrilled and looking forward to our produce coming over winter – it is very warm in there for sure!” -Karryn M (Wainuiomata)


"I would like to congratulate you on the quality of its components and the ease with which I was able to put it together. The instructions for assembly were very easy to follow. I found it relatively simple to do the whole job by myself. I look forward to using the greenhouse and to seeing how well it performs in the Wellington environment." -Bob H (Wellington)


I must tell you how delighted we are with our greenhouse. It is working perfectly, and we are enjoying a variety of vegetables which are thriving. I installed a watering system and built raised beds along each side wall so we get the maximum growing space. It is most enjoyable having your product in the garden and we have had many compliments. I thank you again for the efficient way in which it was freighted down.  I should have ordered more brackets at that time because I now need them for string lines etc.” -Peter A (Paraparaumu)


“I purchased the greenhouse last month and I found the instructions to be very easy and understanding. I got the base down first, square and level, measuring corner to corner crossways, put the two ends together with the top cross-member, then the rest was easy. The best part of the instructions was ‘ have a cuppa’. Thank you, I am very satisfied with my new addition. Thank you also for the tip for the shade.” -Derek M (Howick)

“I thought you might like a couple of views of the greenhouse in situ (with Mt Taranaki in the background). One pic has the removable bird screen in place – a hours work from scrap timber I had on site.It works well and just lifts out of the door runners.”  -Graham S (New Plymouth)


“We just want to congratulate you on the quality and finish of the greenhouse which was erected for us last week.  The strength of the components and the system you have for fixing them together is far superior to that of other imported models of a similar type.  We know – we had one and erected it in August and that weekend a brisk Wellington wind took off the door, some of the roof panels, and collapsed the end in such a manner that it was irreparable” -Barrie K (Karori)


We took delivery of your kitset Green House in early August and erected it on August 21st 2010. We put it up ourselves as a family project!  It has now survived a 7.1 earthquake and 691 aftershocks to date. Cheers. Roger. (I now have a 'Man Cave')" -Roger S (Christchurch)


“I purchased one of your Winter Gardenz greenhouses in October. WOW, I can’t believe that veges grow so fast. Tomato plants from 4 inches to 4 feet in 6 weeks. Money well spent. Great product. Thank you!”  -John V (Kaikoura)


Congratulations on the design – we both think it is excellent. Not to mention the ability of the greenhouse to stand up to bad weather. – Great design! Thanks for the advice about the rubber beading. The difference it makes to the structure is amazing. I suppose you have noticed this many times, but I thought it was incredible how stiff the greenhouse became after only one wall and half the roof had been done.” John H (Canterbury)


These are photos from a lovely couple we met at the Rotorua A&P Show, they RAVED about their Winter Gardenz Greenhouse which they brought 2 years ago. They invited us back to show us their collection of fantastic Apple Cucumbers, hanging Cherry Tomato plants and lettuce. They welcome anyone in Rotorua interested to pop past and take a look! Enjoy. -Wendy (Rotorua)


“This was no mean feat given the very variable weather in spring, including some record cold temperatures. The tomato is the heirloom variety and is known as an early fruiting variety and has certainly lived up to its claim. I planted it in our greenhouse in mid-September and it’s flourished. We are growing basil too and that’s also flourishing in the greenhouse.”  -Peter (Queenstown)