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*please note all our designs, profiles, systems, structures etc are protected by patents and it is illegal to reproduce, copy or replicate them in any way.

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 If you prefer to have someone else install your greenhouse, please check out our installer page: Residential - Installers - Winter Gardenz Limited

Disassembling your Winter Gardenz Greenhouse: A Step-by-Step Guide

Pick a Calm Day: Disassemble your greenhouse on a day with minimal wind to ensure safety and avoid damaging the greenhouse.

Start with the Roof:

  1. Remove Roof Rubber: Take out the rubber lining along the edges of the roof panels.
  2. Slide Out L510 Gutter: Remove the L510 outer gutter by carefully sliding it out of its position.
  3. Disassemble Roof Panels: One by one, slide out the roof panels.  Place foam, old blankets, or similar in between glass panels.  For transport, they should have something soft between them, not directly touching.
  4. Remove Roof Ribs: Once the panels are gone, take out the roof ribs that provided support between them.

Taking Down the Corner and Ridge:

  1. Dismantle One Roof Corner: Carefully remove one corner section of the roof frame.
  2. Remove Front/Back Wall Triangles: Take out the rubber lining around the triangular sections at the top of the front and back walls. Then, remove the triangle panels themselves.
  3. Remove Roof Ridge: Disassemble the ridge, the highest horizontal beam that connected the two roof slopes.

Taking Down the Walls:

  1. Take down the 4 walls: With the roof gone, you can disassemble the front, back and side walls in any order you find convenient.  Just remove the rubber as you go. 2 bolts attach each vertical upright, so remove those, remove the upright rib, and remove the glazing.
  2. Maintain Bracing: Important! Leave the braces in place until you've removed all the wall panels. This will provide extra stability in case of sudden wind gusts.
  3. Again, remember to place something soft between glass panels for transport.

Remember: Safety first! Take your time and be mindful of the wind conditions throughout the process.


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