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Aluminium Mesh Screen Door - BLACK


  Aluminium mesh screen door to suit Winter Gardenz greenhouses and glasshouses.This screen door is a simple and effective addition to your greenhouse. It provides adequate ventilation and air flow while keeping animals and pests out. It is easily...

Folding Lapping clips


ALM Manufacturing Aluminium Part Folding Aluminium lap clips These clips are designed to be slotted on to the top of a pane of glass an folded underneath to support the upper piece of glass on the sidewalls of greenhouses. Part Pre-formed Aluminium lap...

Super Grow Liquid Concentrate 1L


Please choose 1L or 5L size. Nature’s Own Guano Super Grow is 100% organic and highly concentrated. It has been formed slowly over millions of years to produce a valuable and natural source of plant nutrients and essential trace elements. This...

Gutter End Caps and Elbows - Set of 2


If you have an older model greenhouse, you can purchase gutter end caps and elbows as retro-fit for your gutters.  The newer models come with them, so you do not need to order them seperately.    Gutter end caps and elbows are used for...