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Bespoke & Modern Structures

As a proudly owned New Zealand construction and manufacturing company, we take pleasure in accomplishing and offering innovative custom architectural structures in high end residential, commercial and architectural sectors.

A reputation we've earned for more than a decade, our point of difference is our knowledge and expertise in the field. We have an in depth understanding of every element of your vision from concept, design, engineering through to manufacturing and construction. Our thorough process covers ever step from planning and building regulations through to aesthetics. This together, with the highest standards of quality, dedication and meticulous attention to detail, is why we have a solid base of loyal clients and successfully completed projects. 


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3.8m Wide Gabled Roof Structures


Our 12ft wide series that now requires no council consent.  The footprint needing consent was increased in 2020 to over 30 square meters, which the largest size of this series still fits within that limit.  The images in the banner above...

4m Wide Gabled Roof Structures


The 4m wide gabled or pitched roof structures come in different lengths, from 6m to 27m long. All of the 4m wide structures are 2.4m at the eave height. We also offer different glazing options.  Plexiglass is not listed but can be a custom option,...

6m Wide Gabled Roof Structures


The 6m wide gabled or pitched roof structures come in different lengths, from 6m to 27m long.  All of the 6m wide structures are 3m at the eave height.  We offer different glazing options.  All prices of lengths and glazing options (except...