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Ground Covering Material

Ground Covering Material

As a replacement for traditional plastic mulches, groundcovers  maintain a higher soil temperature for earlier cropping, allowing roots to breathe and moisture and nutrients to permeate without excessive puddling, minimising the risk of disease and rot in crops. If high water permeability is a requirement, consider Geocil non woven weed control fabrics. Woven Weedmat gives excellent weed suppression, reduces maintenance, lasts longer and improves profits. 
Natural fiber Jute-Tex groundcover materials are a tested and proven solution for cost effective low maintenance weed control in parks and reserves, housing developments  and gardens. Our natural products prevent weeds from competing with shrubs and trees and maintain better soil moisture through evaporation control in hot weather.
From woven to non-woven type or natural biodegradable textiles, we have the ground cover to suit your applications. 


• Erosion control
• Re-vegetation
• Landscaping
• Grass seeding
• Plant transplanting
• Bio-degradable mulch mat
• Keeping concrete wet while curing

Geocil Non Woven Weedmat


Geocil is the original non woven weedmat. Geocil weedmat is UV stabilised and Hydrophillic for better soil conditions & improved plant health.  Geocil has been a trusted product for almost 20 years, Geocil was introduced into New Zealand in...

Ecocil Nonwoven Weedmat


  Ecocil is a lightweight, low cost, non woven weedmat ideal for domestic landscaping and weed control. It comes in black. Ecocil is intended to be used in domestic landscaping and weed control. It is lighter weight than Geocil and is a lower cost...

Weedmat UltraPro Woven


Applications Garden centre / nursery flooring Greenhouse flooring Landscaping Orchard rows Temporary fence black out Technical Specs 100gsm, UV stabilised PP Black colour Blue plant lines 300mm apart Heavy duty weave (excludes retail grade) Special...