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We sell a broad range of horticultural protection products including:

Insect Screening  Frost Guard Planter Bags (Black) 
Ultra-Pro Hail Net Cropsafe & Bug Net Greenhouse repair tape
Ultra-Pro BioBird  Ultra-Pro MicroNet Frame Tape
Ultra-Pro Canopy Netting  Polygro 200um Greenhouses film Cloche film covers
Ultra-Pro Quad Netting Polygro Reinforced Polythene Ducting - full range of sizes
Ultra-Pro Vine & Side Netting    


Scroll down through our range of Horticultural Protection Products below.

Insect Screening


  Insect mesh is ideal for replacing old & worn out screen doors & window coverings. DIY installation kits can be purchased through hardware stores which use magnetic strip to fix the mesh to doors or window frames. Insect mesh can be cut to...

Ultra-pro Hail Net, 6.5m x 200m roll


Hailnet is a lightweight solution for overhead canopies. Hailnet is designed for overhead hail, wind & bird protection and will also offer light shading of around 15-20%.  Hailnet comes with reinforced centres & edges and button hole...

Ultra-pro Hail Net per meter


Please note:  This material is cut to length per order, therefore we cannot accept a return as we cannot resell custom cut lengths.   Hailnet is a lightweight solution for overhead canopies. Hailnet is designed for overhead hail, wind &...

Ultra-pro BioBird 4m x 50m roll


Biobird is a long life UV stabilised bird netting. Use Biobird to protect crops, vines and plants from unwanted pests such as opossums and birds. Biobird is knitted and the mesh size is a 16mm diamond.  Use Steel staples to pin to the ground or...

Ultra-pro Canopy Netting per roll


Canopy birdnet has a 16mm mesh size and is designed to be fixed to overhead structures for covering large areas of crops where bird & pest protection is required. Canopy birdnet will also give some protection from wind damage. Use shackles, or cable...

UltraVine Netting 5m x 300m roll


Commercial vineyard anti-bird nettings.  Use Ultravine birdnet to help protect crops from unwanted pests.  Ultravine throw-over is a manufactured with reinforced edges & a center marking band for easier installation. *10m,15m and 20m wide...

Bugnet - 4m x 30m roll (folded)


Bug net is a lightweight knitted anti insect mesh designed to help prevent insects and pests from damaging crops.  3m x 40m roll (folded) Applications • Domestic gardens • Vegetable gardens • Butterfly enclosures • Can help...

Planter Bags packs of 100


  Planter Bags Black polythene planter bags are available in various sizes and typically used for growing or re-planting. Planter bags are sold in packs of 100.   -200 X 200 X 420MM P28 -230 X 230 X 460MM P40 -300 X 300 X 600MM P95