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Wind Break Materials

Wind Break Materials


Agricultural and Horticultural applications

Windbreak fabrics are used in a variety of applications including protecting crops and plants from wind damage, protection from browsing animals and property privacy.  For the commercial grower, the effects of strong wind can cause plants to dry out, wind burn and physical damage to crops

Installation of Windbreak Fences

Windbreak can be installed on frames, fences, timber poles or post and wire structures.  For the most economical installation for your application, please contact our Sales Department.  We can give you advice on the pole or post sizes and spacings required, wire sizes including billow wires if necessary and most importantly which of the following windbreaks are best suited for your application.

Windbreak Fabrication

All the windbreaks in this section are available in a variety of widths and lengths. All windbreaks can be manufactured to size and length required and can also fabricated with a hem and drawcord on the sides for pulling a wire through.

Windbreak SK Per Meter


Please note:  This material is cut to length per order, therefore we cannot accept a return as we cannot resell custom cut lengths.   Windbreak SK is a cost effective, short term (3-5 years) windbreak, used to establish young trees on farm...

Windbreak Ultra-pro XS per roll


Windbreak Ultra-Pro XS is the premier knitted Windbreak used in the Horticultural and Agricultural Industry. There are no areas around that this windbreak cannot be used. From boundary fencing, internal windbreaks to industrial sites this is the number...

Polyclips, pack of 500


  Fastenings For Windbreak And Shade Cloth, pack of 500   Colour - Black, UV stabilised Used to install most windbreaks and light shadecloths onto wires or frames. Can be used as temporary eyelets on plastics & fabrics. Made in New Zealand