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Irrigation + Fogging

Irrigation + Fogging

High pressure fogging systems 

High pressure fogging systems (or misting systems) are one of the best ways to control humidity levels and high temperatures in a greenhouse environment. An effective high-pressure fogging system works by introducing millions of microscopic water droplets which instantly evaporate into the greenhouse environment and cool the air. In hot, dry weather, fogging can drop the greenhouse temperature by as much as 15 degrees, while raising the humidity to a much less stressful level. By reducing the stress levels for plants, the grower benefits from better production and yield while also reducing the likelihood of disease.

For plant propagation ideal conditions are around 80-85% relative humidity, and for general plant production or fruit production, around 70% relative humidity is ideal.

How it works:

First the water is filtered to remove any contaminants to keep nozzle blockages to a minimum. The high-pressure pump system brings it to between 800-1000psi (60-70Bar). 

The pure water then flows through stainless steel main lines into lateral lines throughout the greenhouse, where it is forced out past the anti-drip valve, through the stainless-steel nozzle orifice, producing a true 10-micron fog throughout the greenhouse.

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