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Quarantine + Research

Winter Gardenz design, manufacture and construct state-of-the-art plant quarantine glasshouse facilities and are known in New Zealand as the leading provider of controlled environments to universities, government agencies and other research institutes.

Winter Gardenz design has been developed with containment as the top priority, with sustainability in mind. The following are options available:

  • A wide range of glazing products including toughened glass, double glazing, Plexiglass, acrylic, solid polycarbonate and twin-wall polycarbonate.
  • Individual, isolated bays with precise controllable climates for temperature, relative humidity, day length and light levels
  • Filtered air change to maintain negative air pressure.
  • Facilities to permit fumigation to counteract pest or disease outbreaks.
  • Contained drainage to ensure waste water is sterilised.
  • Secondary containment bunding system throughout.
  • Access controlled doors.
  • A wide range of temperature control system and ventilation options.

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