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Glass - The Clear Winner

  • Unmatched Light: Lets in the most light possible for thriving plants.
  • Classic Beauty: Enhances any space with its timeless design.
  • Rock-Solid Build: Built to endure, this tough glass is in it for the long haul.
  • 25-year guarantee

Bonus Features:

  • Effortless Entry: Glide right in with the easy-slide door (screen doors optional).
  • Fresh Air Flow: Roof vents keep things airy (number varies by size).
  • Rock-Solid Frame: The powder coated aluminum frame is built to last.
  • Customize Your Oasis: Shelving, louvers, vent openers, and even an extra door are all possibilities (depending on size).

Not sure where to get started?  Email us at with about what size you're after and we can put together a quote for you with recommended accessories.

Glass vs Poly vs Film- Your Questions Answered 

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*Please note that Glasshouses will only be shipped to your nearest MainFreight Depot. The glass crates are too heavy (300kg+) to deliver to a residential address without a forklift.  You will need to arrange to pick up the glasshouse from the depot with a trailer, Mainfreight will load it onto your trailer with a forklift.  When you get to your building site, you will just need to unload one piece of glass at a time.  

*Please be aware: While our kitset greenhouses provide an excellent environment for plant growth, they are primarily designed for plant cultivation and do not offer the complete water resistance of a permanent structure. Minor leaks may occur when it's raining, or due to condensation. Applying silicone to affected areas may help address this, assuming the greenhouse is all built correctly and all bolts are tightened.  However, we cannot guarantee our greenhouses to be completely water-tight as that is not what they are designed for.

Kitsets need to be kept dry until assembly! This applies especially to glass, to avoid damage to the panes.