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Auto Vent

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AV01 autovent opener, suitable for a backyard greenhouse. Lifts up to 14kg.

Automatically openening and closing at certain temperatures, vent openers are a great way to control temperature in a greenhouse without the need for electricity. Automatic vent openers open up when temperatures reach a minimum of between 17 and 24 degrees celcius (the range is adustable) using a temperature-sensitve wax mechanism. They stay open until the temperature cools down to below that 17-24 degree range. 

These auto vent openers are the perfect non-electric solution to temperature regulation and airflow for your greenhouse.

Please Note:  When installing these autovent openers, it is easiest if you remove the roof vent panel, affix the auto vent opener to the panel, then hook the roof vent panel back into the roof ridge and attach the autovent opener to the L603-0585 (frame piece below the roof vent panel).  The roof vent can be removed by opening the hinge peice (L615-0612) wide enough until it unhooks from the roof ridge.  Then put it back in the same way.

Please Note: These are not ideal for coastal locations as the sea salt can cause the mechanism to seize.  Keeping the cylinder clean and coated with a petroleum or other machine lubricant (even olive oil works!) can help extend their life.  Also, removing them for the cold winter months will also help extend their life.  The wax cylinder is warranteed for a year, and new ones can be purchased seperately.

Trouble-shooting: If your autovent isn't closing, please check that it is not getting hung up on the roof ribs either side of the roof vent.  This can happen sometimes if the vent catches in a strong wind and slides a little along the roof ridge.  Simply slide it back into place to where it is sitting in between the roof ribs and not catching on them.  Depending on the temperature (ie, if it's above 17 degrees C), you may have to disengage the cylinder to test if the vent fully closes, as it's designed to start opening at 17 degrees anyway. 

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