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Commercial Fans + Ventilation

Circulation fans, or otherwise commonly known as stirrers or HAF (horizontal air flow) fans are one of the best additions to any commercial greenhouse. The use of correctly positioned circulation fans will assist with good air movement throughout the greenhouse and around the plants, reducing ‘hot spots’ and fungal diseases. With increased air movement plant transpiration and C02 availability is improved which increases leaf cooling, nutrient uptake and improves plant health.

Winter Gardenz Circulation fans are made from quality materials and incorporate a ‘low noise’, energy efficient, 150W electric motor which consumes very little electricity. They are designed to be suspended from the greenhouse structure using the mounting points provided on the fans shroud.

For a relatively minimal investment circulation fans provide significant benefits and value to the grower.

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Roof or Exhaust Fans


Greenhouse roof fans are one of the most efficient and cost effective ways to cool a greenhouse. They are best positioned at the apex, as this is where the rising hot air accumulates and are most effective when there is an inlet of cool air from ground...

Dehumidification Fans


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