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Greenhouse Shelving and Storage Solutions

The easiest way to maximise growing area and space is by utilizing shelving. There are plenty of options available including hanging shelving, potting benches, staging etc… You could build your own or you can use an old workbench - whatever you decide to use just keep in mind the material you use needs to be able to survive in the greenhouse environment.

3-Tier Shelving is the ultimate greenhouse shelving solution. It has tiered shelving the full length of the greenhouse and each level juts out further than the shelf above so it maximizes the light on your plants. This option is perfect for seedlings and plant propagation as it offers the greatest shelving area. 

350mm Deep Shelving is ideal for keeping the floor area clear and suits lightweight seedling trays, small potted plants etc… and can be positioned high on the back or side walls where it’s warmest.

Free Standing Shelving is great as it can be placed anywhere in the greenhouse and are generally able to hold heavy pots and bags. Whatever you use ensure it has the ability for air to flow through the shelving reducing the risk of mould and fungi.

Hanging Brackets are designed to lock on to anywhere in the greenhouse for you to then create string lines, ideal for growing things like beans, peas, tomatoes etc.

Shelving Brackets are great as they allow you to create long shelving (as long as you like) which is ideal for hydroponics.

Free Standing Shelving


Heavy duty potting bench 350mm deep x 900mm high and 2 lengths available Free standing - can be used outside Durable aluminium construction Powder-coated black  2x levels of growing area Proudly made in New Zealand

300mm Deep Shelving


Maximize your growing and storage area!Designed specifically for use in any Winter Gardenz Greenhouse300mm deep and available in various lengthsDurable aluminium construction, powder-coated greenMounts to the side or back walls of your greenhouseProudly...

3-Tier Shelving


Maximize your Greenhouse's storage!Ideal staging for seedlings, growing cuttings and propagationIncludes 3 full length shelves with slats to suit your greenhouse length1x150mm, 1x300mm and 1x450mm shelfEither down the side or across the back wallVery...

Hanging Brackets / Crop Clips


Create string lines and hang baskets!Use for hanging baskets, tools etcIdeal for staking tomatoes, beans, climbing plantsCreate vertical and horizontal string linesProudly made in New ZealandAlso known as crop clipsA must have for any GreenhouseSupplied...

Shelving Brackets


Greenhouse shelving made simple!Create a shelf any length you chooseFits onto any Winter Gardenz GreenhouseMade from quality aluminiumMaximizes your growing and storage areaAdjustable height and positionIdeal for hydroponic gully and seedling traysScrews...