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Shade Houses

Shade Houses

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Protect your plants from the hot, direct sunlight, damaging
wind and pests & insects, in a Winter Gardenz Shade House!


Designed and made in New Zealand, for our harsh conditions.
150km/h wind rating and guaranteed not to have panels blow out!

  • The durable aluminium mesh screen blocks out the harsh sun, while providing adequate air-flow and ventilation to promote optimal plant growth. Includes a 15 year warranty.
  • Strong & durable frame - Practical and tough, requiring minimal maintenance.
  • Unique, practical design Looks great and won’t rust or rot. Providing many years of trouble free service. 

Winter Gardenz Shade Houses stand out from the rest, here’s why...

Our Shade Houses are constructed from the same durable frame as our popular, award winning greenhouse range, which provides a strong, practical and long lasting structure which requires very little maintenance. The durable aluminium mesh screen blocks out the harsh sun (approx 50%), while providing adequate air-flow and ventilation to promote optimal plant growth. Includes a 15 year warranty. We have a large range of sizes available and can also offer staging, shelving and accessories to suit your growing needs.

Great for those shade loving plants such as Orchids, Azaleas and Ferns, or raising seedlings. These Shade Houses are also perfect for ‘Hardening Off’  those delicate plants that have come from the nursery or greenhouse.

 *please note, all 10ft and 12ft models come with the parts for any configuration of foundation mounting kits, so these do not need to be purchased separately if you are getting a 10ft or 12ft model.

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