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Residential Greenhouses

New Zealand's Best Greenhouses

We've been manufacturing residential and commercial Greenhouses right here in New Zealand for over a decade.  From the beginning, our goal has been to create the highest-quality greenhouses that are not only built to last, but also look amazing and are easy to assemble. We have always used high-quality polycarbonate and Toughened Safety Glass
You know the saying, Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones?  Well, in our glasshouses you can throw all the stones you want because you can't break them by throwing stones or even banging on the walls.  We can confidently say our glasshouses can handle the knocks and bumps life throws at them, from rough and tumble kids knocking them to anything else that might happen in your yard, they will stand up to the conditions.  Our polycarbonate glazing is also very high-quality, unlike a lot of imported versions that discolour, break or have panel blowouts after only a year or two.  With a Winter Gardenz greenhouse, you can rest assured that your investment will yield fruit for decades to come, as long as you keep the garden growing inside!  Don't just take our word for it, take a look through our testimonials of happy customers!  Our greenhouses even stand up to earthquakes, as evidenced by our testimonial of Roger S in Christchurch whose greenhouse survived the 2010 earthquakes there just fine. 
Interested in a greenhouse but need some financing?  We've got you covered! We offer financing through Gilrose Finance.  Click the icon below to fill out an application.  At checkout, you will choose the bank transfer option, then upon a successful loan application, your funds will be applied to your order.
Don't want to assemble your greenhouse yourself?  We've got you covered there too.  Several of our retailers offer assembly services as well as Kitset Assembly, who you can book directly though.
There are several different ways to approach your greenhouse foundation.  Please see our greenhouse foundation page for helpful tips, measurements and other useful information.  It's also helpful to note, when assembling, that our aluminium part numbers are named after the profile, then the length.  For example, the L630-2596 is a base piece profile (L630) that is 2596mm or 8ft long.  
*please note, Our 6x6ft to 6x12ft and our 8x6ft to 8x12ft Greenhouses are supplied with standard corner stakes.  Our larger greenhouses (6x16ft and up, 8x16ft and up, and all our 10ft range) come with the additional foundation mounting kits. The additional mounting kits may also be purchased separately for the smaller greenhouses.

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6m Tunnel House with Plastic Cover


Get started in an entry level Winter Gardenz Tunnel House Winter Gardenz Tunnel Houses are made in New Zealand, for new and dedicated gardeners. They are made of the highest quality materials to enhance durability, strength and...

8m Tunnel House with Plastic Cover


Get started in an entry level Winter Gardenz Tunnel House Winter Gardenz Tunnel Houses are made in New Zealand, for new and dedicated gardeners. They are made of the highest quality materials to enhance durability, strength and...

Free Standing Shelving


Heavy duty potting bench 350mm deep x 900mm high and 2 lengths available Free standing - can be used outside Durable aluminium construction Powder-coated black  2x levels of growing area Proudly made in New Zealand

300mm Deep Shelving


Maximize your growing and storage area!Designed specifically for use in any Winter Gardenz Greenhouse300mm deep and available in various lengthsDurable aluminium construction, powder-coated greenMounts to the side or back walls of your greenhouseProudly...

3-Tier Shelving


Maximize your Greenhouse's storage!Ideal staging for seedlings, growing cuttings and propagationIncludes 3 full length shelves with slats to suit your greenhouse length1x150mm, 1x300mm and 1x450mm shelfEither down the side or across the back wallVery...

Hanging Brackets / Crop Clips


Create string lines and hang baskets!Use for hanging baskets, tools etcIdeal for staking tomatoes, beans, climbing plantsCreate vertical and horizontal string linesProudly made in New ZealandAlso known as crop clipsA must have for any GreenhouseSupplied...

Shelving Brackets


Greenhouse shelving made simple!Create a shelf any length you chooseFits onto any Winter Gardenz GreenhouseMade from quality aluminiumMaximizes your growing and storage areaAdjustable height and positionIdeal for hydroponic gully and seedling traysScrews...

Glasshouse Shade Cover Kit


The perfect shade cover system for your Glasshouse Take it on or off depending on the weather Easy to install in just 10 minutes Made from durable, quality materials Proudly made in New Zealand Fits both standard or high wall Glass Houses Designed so...

Louvre Vent Kit


Improve Airflow in your Greenhouse Increase ventilation & maintain optimum temperature Proudly made in New Zealand Made from quality materials and components There are 3 types of louvre kit available. Louvre Vent Kit, 3-Blade, Toughened Glass...



AV01 Residential Roof vent, suitable for a backyard greenhouse. Lifts up to 14kg. Automatically openening and closing at certain temperatures, vent openers are a great way to control temperature in a greenhouse without the need for electricity. Each of...