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Garden to Table

Garden to Table

We are proud sponsers of Garden to Table, a charitable trust empowering children to grow, harvest, prepare, and share great food.  We can help your school get started with a greenhouse, to be able to extend your growing season and even grow in the winter months.

Garden to Table sessions usually last 90 minutes, with half the class working in the garden and half working in the kitchen for the first hour. The groups come together to share the food they've grown for the last 30 minutes of the session.

Throughout the year, children observe the changing seasons and full food cycle and how planting, harvesting, and cooking change to reflect seasonality.

Garden to Table is curriculum-linked, meaning kids are learning core subjects while getting their hands dirty in the garden and kitchen.

The annual membership fee for schools is heavily subsidised by the Garden to Table Trust. Garden to Table provides regular training for educators throughout New Zealand.

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