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Why should I invest in a Greenhouse?

21st Dec 2020

Greenhouse growing is a family affair! Many people ask us why they should even consider buying a greenhouse. Here are the top ten reasons our customers have shared with us.

Let's you start the seeds you choose much earlier

How much fun is it looking through your favourite seed catalog every year and finding something new and different. It may be a new variety of a flower, or a bigger, better tasting tomato. What can be more satisfying than watching this new plant emerge?

Can be profitable

Many people find that even a small greenhouse in their backyard will supply enough to set up a booth at a local farmers market. Or, this can be done on a much larger scale.

Gives you the means to nurture your prize winning Orchids

With a properly set up greenhouse, you are able to control the environment and give your orchids what they need for optimum growth.

You are able to grow your own vegetables

With all of the food scares and the ever growing popularity of green living, growing your own food is not only fun, it is a wise and environmentally sound choice. No more GMO’s! You are even able to set up an aquaponic system to grow your vegetables in your greenhouse.

Gives you hours of enjoyment

We find that when you have cabin fever in the winter there is no better place to spend some time than surrounded by the beauty in your greenhouse.

Protects your plants in the winter

This one pretty much goes without explanation. Over wintering plants in your greenhouse is much better than filling up your dining room or garage with plants for the winter.

Be the envy of all your friends and neighbours

We have found that many times a neighbour or friend will call and tell us “I just saw Joe’s greenhouse and I have to have one for myself.”

A peaceful retreat

No cell phones, no TV, just you and nature. Relax and enjoy. The greenhouse is a perfect place for a little quiet meditation.

Allows you to propagate your favourite plants

You can take cuttings and start plants for your friends or yourself.

Saves you money

We cannot tell you how many times we have heard the following statement from our customers. “I am tired of having to replace all my plants every year.” We even had one gentleman who estimated he spent $2,000 each year replacing plants.

Why use a Greenhouse or Glasshouse?

You might think this is a simple question... but there is more to a greenhouse than you probably think. There are three main reasons for using a greenhouse. 

Greenhouses offer warmth and insulation protecting your precious plants from the harsh elements such as frost, snow, wind and hail. 

Wider crop variety
Growing in a controlled environment such as a greenhouse means you can effectively cultivate a much wider variety of plants than you would normally be able to grow outside.

Extended growing season
Because of the warmth and protection you can start growing produce much earlier and (depending on your circumstances) grow right through winter compared to outside thus extending your growing season into the cooler months.

A greenhouse also looks great, adds value to your home and offers a warm place for you to potter about on a rainy day!

Growing Seedlings and Propagation in a Greenhouse

Growing seedlings in a greenhouse is easy. It’s an ideal warm environment. It’s easiest to use standard seed 

trays but you could simply use egg cartons or something similar. If you are starting the seeds in the greenhouse and then planning on moving them outside once established, then it’s often recommended to ‘harden off’ your young plants. This transitional period between the two environments, helps the plants to adjust to the outdoor conditions. If you are growing produce that is to be fully grown in the greenhouse you can plant the seeds straight into the bags/pots without any trouble. As with all seedlings be sure to label and date the plants. If you have a great tasting variety of tomato try and save those seeds for next season. Simply place the seeds on a paper towel and leave to dry in a windowsill. There are websites dedicated to ‘Seed Saving and Swapping’!

Growing full sized plants such as tomatoes, beans, etc… is pretty straightforward. Be sure to stake your plants as you would outside. Remove any unnecessary foliage to ensure adequate air movement around the plants and keep the plants well supported. Often greenhouses have ‘ hanging clips or brackets’ which you can clip/screw onto any upright wall, which you can then create vertical string lines. Ideal for beans, peas etc... I find the bamboo tripod type structures work really well too