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Help me choose a greenhouse size

21st Mar 2023

Hey there!  Need help deciding on a greenhouse size?  Well you've come to the right place.  In a nutshell, our kitset greenhouses come in 3 different lengths (6ft/8ft/10ft or 2m/2.6m/3.2m) and various lengths in 2ft panel increments starting at 6ft, though we can make them longer if you need.  

Here are some considerations when deciding on a greenhouse size:

You will need at least 2m of clear space both sides of the greenhouse, and also either 2.6m clear space at the front of the greenhouse with 0.5m of clear space at the rear of the greenhouse, or alternatively 2.6m of clear space at the rear of the greenhouse with 0.5m of clear space at the front of the greenhouse. This is to enable the gutters to slide into the frame.

To give you a rough idea, an 8x10ft (2.6x3.2m) greenhouse can easily produce most of the veggie needs for a family of 4 people.  If you live in a very cold climate and want to grow through winter, you will need to bring in alternative heat source to keep plants going in the winter but this can be done.  You can add shelving to your greenhouse to increase capacity.

Larger greenhouses like our 10x24ft greenhouse can be used for growing and entertaining, with 3 sections created by the internal partition walls it's easy to visually divide up the space then add other visual elements like hanging plants or fairy lights. 

Obviously the site needs to be flat/level so you will also need to take that into consideration as to where on your property you have a large enough site or can create one to accommodate the greenhouse.  If you are on a sloping site, you can dig a trench into the hill with a timber frame to help create a more level area. 

Once you decide on the space you have available and a general idea of what you want to grow, you can get a better idea of what size greenhouse you will need.

If you live on a large lifestyle block and would like a 12ft/4m wide greenhouse, we can do that too.  That size we send our team out to build rather than a kitset.