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​Creating a warm Event Venue

17th Oct 2023

When it comes to hosting events during the winter months, one of the biggest challenges is ensuring that your guests are comfortable and warm. Fortunately, our Architectural Glasshouses offer a unique solution that not only keeps everyone cozy but also provides an enchanting atmosphere. In this blog, we'll explore the different ways you can utilize our glasshouses for events and delve into why these spaces create such inviting and warm environments.

Versatility of Glasshouses for Events

Our Glasshouses are more than just beautiful structures;. With their spacious interiors, expansive glass walls and high ceilings they are becoming increasingly popular in restaurants and vineyards. Providing a versatile space that can be utilized for a wide range of events from large groups, corporate events, or weddings, our glasshouses create a customizable blank canvas to suit a range of needs. 

The Warmth of Glasshouses

So, what makes our glasshouses ideal for creating warm event venues? Natural Light: Glasshouses are designed to capture the natural light from all angles and retain the heat, making them perfect for events during the winter months. The sun's rays pass through the transparent walls and ceiling, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere inside. This ensures that your guests are comfortable and sheltered from the elements without the need for excessive heating.

Climate Control

The Automatic vent openers are a great way to control temperature in the glasshouse without the need for electricity. Automatic vent openers open up when temperatures reach a minimum of between 17 and 24 degrees Celsius (the range is adjustable) using a temperature-sensitive wax mechanism. They stay open until the temperature cools down to below that 17-24 degree range. 

Connection with Nature:

The transparent walls of our glasshouses allow your guests to truly immerse themselves within nature with the comfort of indoors. This connection to the outdoors creates a bright, unique and inviting ambiance that can't be replicated in traditional event spaces.

Versatile Decor Options

Glasshouses provide a blank canvas for your event's decor. You can enhance the warmth by incorporating warm lighting elements, such as chandeliers and fairy lights.


In conclusion, our Architectural Glasshouses are the perfect solution for creating warm and inviting event venues, especially during the winter months. Their versatility allows them to accommodate a wide range of events. With an abundance of natural light, these glasshouses harness the sun's warmth, providing a cozy atmosphere for your guests without the need for excessive heating. The innovative climate control system and the seamless connection with nature make these spaces truly unique.. When it comes to hosting events in the colder seasons, our glasshouses provide both practicality and a touch of magic that your guests will truly appreciate.