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Growing Lettuces in Winter in a greenhouse in Auckland

17th Mar 2023

Growing Lettuces in Winter in a greenhouse in Auckland

If you are planning to grow lettuces in a Winter Gardenz greenhouse during winter in Auckland, you can enjoy fresh, crisp greens all year round with the help of a Winter Gardenz Frost Guard heater.

Firstly, it's important to choose lettuce varieties that are suitable for cooler temperatures, such as winter density, Arctic king, and rouge d'hiver. You can utilise the space in your greenhouse by adding shelving and growing the lettuces in potting bags on the shelves.

It's important to ensure that your greenhouse maintains a warm and stable temperature throughout the winter months. That's where the Winter Gardenz Frost Guard heater comes in handy. This heater can keep your greenhouse warm even on the coldest days. It has an automatic thermostat control and a fan to distribute heat evenly throughout the greenhouse, ensuring your lettuces are at an optimal growing temperature.  It can also be used as a fan only in the summer months to help circulate air.

To plant your lettuce, start by preparing your soil, which should be loose, well-draining, and nutrient-rich. You can add compost or other organic materials to enhance the soil quality. When you are sowing seeds, the seedlings like to be between 25-30 C, and if it's not that warm in your greenhouse, it might be good to put them onto a heat mat to give them a jumpstart.  

As your lettuce plants grow, keep the soil moist, fertilize them regularly, and watch out for pests and diseases. 

Growing lettuces in the winter in your greenhouse can be a very rewarding and easy way to add some fresh homegrown veggies to your table in the winter.