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Planting Tomatoes Horizontally to maximise root growth and production

14th Mar 2023

Planting Tomatoes Horizontally to maximise root growth and production

Planting tomatoes horizontally or on their side can promote more root growth, which in turn can help the plant grow stronger and produce more fruit. 

With winter approaching, if you've got seedlings going that are about half a meter tall or less and not going to fruit outside in time, now's a good time to bring them into your Winter Gardenz greenhouse and try horizontal planting in containers. 

When you plant a tomato horizontally, you bury part of the stem underground, and this portion of the stem will start to develop roots. As the plant grows, these roots will continue to grow and spread out, providing the plant with more access to water and nutrients. 

This extra root growth can also help to stabilize the plant and make it more resistant to wind and other environmental stresses. Planting tomatoes horizontally can also help to promote a stronger stem. 

The buried portion of the stem will develop additional support roots, which can help to anchor the plant in place and prevent it from falling over or breaking in strong winds. In addition to promoting root growth and a stronger stem, planting tomatoes horizontally can also help the plant absorb more sunlight, as the plant will have more of its foliage close to the ground. This can lead to better photosynthesis and ultimately more fruit production. 

Overall, planting tomatoes horizontally can be a great way to help your plants grow stronger and produce a better yield. It's important to note that not all tomato varieties will respond well to this method, so it's important to do your research and choose a variety that is known to do well with horizontal planting.