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New Zealand's Best Greenhouses

We've been manufacturing residential and commercial Greenhouses right here in New Zealand for over 15 years.  From the beginning, our goal has been to create the highest-quality greenhouses that are not only built to last, but also look amazing and are easy to assemble. We have always used high-quality polycarbonate and Toughened Safety Glass
We can confidently say our glasshouses can handle the knocks and bumps life throws at them, and will stand up to the conditions better than all the competition.  We also use the highest-quality grade polycarbonate on the market, unlike a lot of imported versions that discolour, break or have panel blowouts after only a year or two. 
With a Winter Gardenz greenhouse, you can rest assured that your investment will yield fruit for decades to come, as long as you keep the garden growing inside!  Don't just take our word for it, take a look through our testimonials of happy customers!  
Our greenhouses have proven their resilience even in the face of natural disasters. Take, for instance, Roger S from Christchurch, who provided a testimonial affirming that his greenhouse withstood the 2010 earthquakes without any damage. Another satisfied customer, Mike P, told us his greenhouse survived the fierce cyclone Gabrielle intact. Rest assured, our greenhouses are built to endure and provide a safe haven for your plants, no matter the challenge.
Don't want to assemble your greenhouse yourself?  We've got you covered there too.  Several of our retailers offer assembly services as well as Kitset Assembly, who you can book directly though.
There are several different ways to approach your greenhouse foundation.  Please see our greenhouse foundation page for helpful tips, measurements and other useful information.  It's also helpful to note, when assembling, that our aluminium part numbers are named after the profile, then the length.  For example, the L630-2596 is a base piece profile (L630) that is 2596mm or 8ft long.  
*please note, Our 6x6ft to 6x12ft and our 8x6ft to 8x12ft Greenhouses are supplied with standard corner stakes.  Our larger greenhouses (6x16ft and up, 8x16ft and up, and all our 10ft range) come with the additional foundation mounting kits. The additional mounting kits may also be purchased separately for the smaller greenhouses.
*All Greenhouses will be shipped to your nearest MainFreight Depot. You will need to arrange to have a trailer at the MF depot for pickup. Polycarbonate greenhouses can be lifted by 2 people and can usually fit in a truck or van, but glass crates will need to be forklifted onto a trailer at the depot. Please see our shipping page for package weights and dimensions.
*Open your greenhouse when you receive it to verify you have all the parts.  We cannot be held liable for lost parts beyond 60 days.
*Please note, like most greenhouses, our residential greenhouses are designed as plant-housing structures and as such are not designed to be 100% water-tight like a dwelling or house extension.  You may get occasional drips when it rains or when condensation forms.  Applying silicon to problem areas can alleviate drips if that's what you are wanting.

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Hanging Brackets / Crop Clips


  Create string lines and hang baskets!Use for hanging baskets, tools etcIdeal for staking tomatoes, beans, climbing plantsCreate vertical and horizontal string linesProudly made in New ZealandAlso known as crop clipsA must have for any...

Shelving Brackets (set of 2)


Looking to maximize your growing and storage area in your Winter Gardenz Greenhouse? Consider the quality aluminium shelving brackets, proudly made in New Zealand and supplied in pairs with the nuts/bolts to affix. Shelving can be adjusted in both height...

Folding Lapping clips


ALM Manufacturing Aluminium Part Folding Aluminium lap clips These clips are designed to be slotted on to the top of a pane of glass an folded underneath to support the upper piece of glass on the sidewalls of greenhouses. Part Pre-formed Aluminium lap...

Rockwool - 2 sheets/200 cubes total


  Small - 25x25x40mm (200 cubes) Rockwool Cubes are used for easy starting of seeds and cuttings. These Rockwool Cubes are popular for production of garden plants. The advantage is that these Rockwool Cubes are attached to each other for organized...

Super Grow Liquid Concentrate 1L


Please choose 1L or 5L size. Nature’s Own Guano Super Grow is 100% organic and highly concentrated. It has been formed slowly over millions of years to produce a valuable and natural source of plant nutrients and essential trace elements. This...